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The BUILD Show with JP - John Peitzman

Oct 21, 2023

The next episode of The BUILD Show with JP is finally here. On this episode, we welcome Taylor McPhail.

Started in the 1960s, McPhail Furniture is a Victorian-based furniture business that was founded by Keith McPhail, a fourth-generation farmer. Taylor McPhail, along with his brother Casey, took up their dad’s legacy but faced a huge struggle to keep the business alive and, like many, were extremely stressed when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Taylor has a double degree in commerce and law, but it was ultimately his creativity, tenacity and work ethic that allowed him to stay the course and turn things around. Taylor and his brother went from making a loss with their business being on the brink of closure, to generating a turnover of $22 million a year in just 24 months.

Taylor was able to leverage some of the key components of The BUILD Framework® to do so and we are very excited to share his story with you.

The BUILD Show interviews high-performing individuals across the world who are making a huge impact and reveals how The BUILD Framework® methodologies help them obtain and sustain lasting transformation in both their personal and business life.

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