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The BUILD Show with JP - John Peitzman

Jan 22, 2021

Our first episode for the year is here.

Ush Dhanak is one of Australia’s leading experts on emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, and a popular keynote speaker on this topic at events around the world.

Born in the UK, Ush is a barrister by trade, and after moving to Sydney 16 years ago, she made the decision to dive deep into the world of EQ.

Ush is certified and trained in Emotional Intelligence, Neuro Leadership and is also a qualified Mediator. In addition to all of that, you will find her co-hosting the successful podcast IQ Meets EQ, which interviews successful women throughout Australia who use the power of EQ.

The BUILD Show interviews high performing business owners across the world who are making a huge impact and reveals how The BUILD Framework® methodologies help them obtain and sustain lasting transformation in both their personal and business life.