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The BUILD Show with JP - John Peitzman

Nov 22, 2020

Our eleventh episode of the year is here.

Siobhan O'Toole is a delivery expert who has worked internationally across global brands delivering new products and transforming organisations.

She is a co-founder of Warndu - an Indigenous Australian native food and wellbeing brand whose aim is to REGENERATE culture, community, tradition, health and our soils. 

Most recently a breast cancer survivor and thriver, she turned adversity into fundraising over $80,000 while partnering with a team of doctors to create a free exercise rehab program. In recognition of this effort, she recently won the Westfields local hero award for Bondi junction.

Her latest hustle is working with a team of Doctors and Olympic champion Michael Klim to launch “The Exercise Prescription” a book that covers the latest science around the benefits of exercise in all aspects of life.

The BUILD Show interviews high performing business owners across the world who are making a huge impact and reveals how The BUILD Framework® methodologies help them obtain and sustain lasting transformation in both their personal and business life.