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The BUILD Show with JP - John Peitzman

Jun 22, 2020

Salena Kulkarni is a bestselling author, Chartered Accountant, Certified Property Investment Adviser and founder of the Freedom Warrior Mastermind.

A property investor for over two decades, she has spent years building unique frameworks to develop sustainable wealth.

She is passionate about showing business owners how to become high-performance investors and teaches the fundamentals of creating financial freedom beyond their business.

Her latest program, Freedom Warrior, is a Mastermind designed to help people catapult their wealth by embracing insights normally reserved for the ultra-wealthy.

A show not to be missed so make sure you tune in!

The BUILD Show interviews high performing business owners across the world who are making a huge impact and reveals how The BUILD Framework® methodologies help them obtain and sustain lasting transformation in both their personal and business life.